Leiber, Justin - Beyond Humanity

Contents: Brain contents can be transferred to new bodies. But „Men-First“ fanatics have destroyed intelligent computers and primates. The reader meets a man in a woman's body, a 90 year old woman in a teenage girl, an intelligent chimpanzee Go-Go talking sign language (see 1972: Ko-Ko) and an intelligent networked computer. They fight for the quest for alien intelligence.

Remarks: Interesting setup. Showdown is really plump but effectiv.
Rating: 3 (5)

Harrisson, Harry: Star Smashers of the Galaxy Rangers

AuthorHarrisson, Harry
ContentsA real space opera with student geniuses, a blonde dummy, monsters and the dream of space exploration without long travels. - In an old Boeing 747!
RemarksTrivial comic, but that is the stuff behind science fiction. Well, beyond science at least.
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